Counselling For Autistic Spectrum Disorders Fareham

Tel: 07734 902426


Specialised autism counselling and Psychotherapy for people who live in and around Fareham, Hampshire suffering from autistic spectrum disorders.

Autism Therapy

Counselling for Adults and Children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autism is a condition that affects certain aspects of behaviour, including interacting with others. It is scaled on a what is known as a spectrum – so although all autistic people share similar traits, they will be affected in different ways and at differing severities.

A counsellor with experience in autism can help you to talk about how you're feeling and help you cope better with any challenges you face.

For many years I have been helping adults and students who are autistic. I can guide you through the challenges it brings on a daily basis. Together we can find ways to get around the barriers you face and see how to make small steps going forward. We will look at them one by one talking through the possibility of change and how this could work for you.


Please email or phone for an initial consultation.

I am available: Monday Friday 10am–8pm.

07734 902426 or email us HERE

Fees: £50 per hour
Concessions for Students and Over 60s: £40 per hour