Counselling For Depression and Anxiety Fareham

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Specialised counselling and Psychotherapy for people who live in and around Fareham, Hampshire suffering from depression and anxiety.

Therapy For Depression and Anxiety

Most of us experience feeling sad from time to time but depression affects your daily life, making it hard for you to find enjoyment in even the simplest, most ordinary activities. Speaking to a professional like me, can help you understand what you need.

Anxiety is a word that is used to describe feelings of worry, fear and unease. Commonly it can cause you to imagine that things are worse than they are and prevent you from carrying out everyday tasks or even leaving the house.

I work with adults and students from 16 years. I can help with depression, anxiety, stress, family issues and relationships. If you are aware that your anxiety levels are growing then I can help you to talk about these feelings. I will help you to recognise the positive and negative factors and challenge your thoughts to view them differently to create a happier place for you. You can look at the possibility of change and how to work with new ideas, finding the one that fits with you and your routine. Together we can create the tools that will equip you to move forward.


Please email or phone for an initial consultation.

I am available: Monday Friday 10am–8pm.

07734 902426 or email us HERE

Fees: £50 per hour
Concessions for Students and Over 60s: £40 per hour