Counselling Service For Head Injuries Fareham

Tel: 07734 902426


Specialised counselling and Psychotherapy for people who live in and around Fareham, Hampshire suffering from head injuries.

Head Injuries Therapies

Living with a head injury for you, your family and friends is about adapting to cope with the challenges it brings on a daily basis. If you feel you have reached a point that you need time and a place to explore all your feelings and emotions, then I can help.

I will guide you through your journey that has brought you to this point seeking a safe place to look at all your options on how to go forward. Together we can look at change and acceptance, explore the loss of yourself, recognising the trauma for you and your family.

I will listen and will be led by you to talk about what's the most important concern that has brought you to this point. Together we can make small changes and look at all the positive possibilities that will give you the tools to keep going forward, while accepting the limitations of your head injury.


Please email or phone for an initial consultation.

I am available: Monday Friday 10am–8pm.

07734 902426 or email us HERE

Fees: £50 per hour
Concessions for Students and Over 60s: £40 per hour